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Yamaha PSR-620 Styles



Welcome to my Yamaha SFF page . It contains some style files made by myself,based on SMF patterns.I'm just an amateur,and I create styles as a hobby(click here to see my simple equipament),so don't expect professional touch on them.Maybe you'll find some mistakes in some SFF, but nothing much significant ( I think!).All of them play OK on my keyboard; I couldn't test the styles with the new models,so I don't know if they'll play satisfactorily on them (Please,let me know about it!).

Registration Files

This registration files contains the "One Touch Setting" from the internal styles,so you can use them with user styles ,too.

I saved the first 64 registration files;they are in two separate files(since PSR 620 is able to load 32 banks each time).There is one extra "Latin" Registration file available for downloading,too .

Please read these remarks:

1.The files have "RAL" estensions containing up to 32 complete banks ; they load very slow (about 2:30 min) .

2.The keyboard could shows a load error message at the end of the operation,but it does not cause any problem(I think).All the banks are loaded normally.

3.You can save the banks individualy as "SRD" files , editing the files or not , to create your favorite set.

4.Remember to use the "Freeze" function as you change the banks while playing an user style (101) !

Download the Registration files in zip format :
Reg 01-32
Reg 33-64

New !
After long research,I finaly found a way to load and play the GM patches using the PSR 620's own keys.I worked arduous on PC ,analysing the files and changing bytes.Now you can hear the GM voices direct from your 620.Just load the GM_VOICE.RAL file;each bank has four voices,one in each registration position.They are sorted in the GM ascendent order.


Multi Pad Files

This Multi Pad files were made from short Midi files.They are basicaly Drum Fill's and short Phrases.Nothing special;only to have fun .

MultiPad 1


Now,these files are in Midi format zero!So,unpack and save them to a floppy disk(2DD 720K, for use on PSR 620!)

Play it directly on your keyboard !

This is a MIDI file sequenced with the style BossaIpa .

Girl from Ipanema(zip file)

This is a MIDI file sequenced with the style #ChaCha1 .

CherryPink(zip file)

This is a MIDI file sequenced with the style #ChaCha2 .

Guantanamera(zip file)


Free styles

In this section I want to show you some of my styles.My intention is to encourage people to make their own styles for interchanging.It's not difficult.You can get all informations about style making on Jens Christensen site(I learned there!) . After this, you can go to Julijan Zavernik 's site and get some freeware softwares that will make the task easier.

Please,contact me to say how this styles are playing on your keyboard ,speacialy if if you're playing them with PSR-x30/8000; your opinion is very important to me.Your feedback can help me to improve this site.

Free Download

File name Status
Dance1 S.sty ---
#Rock1 B.sty ---
8BtPoB T.sty ---
Disco1 S.sty ---
SambaDis.sty ---
16Beat2T.sty ---
WhatSupS.sty ---
Rock1 T.sty ---
JohnnyBe.sty ---
GipsyDis.sty ---
Tango S2 ---
Eurobea3 New !

This section is still under construction.I intend to improve it.

PSR 620 Internal styles

New !!!

Click here and you'll find the wonderful 620's internal styles

My style list

Files SFF (*.STY)
16Beat_B Ballad1 Beat Blues_B Bollento BossaIpa WondWr_B Rap_2
ChaCha2B Cuban_B DanielBa DayByDay FKBallad FNFusion 16BeatPo Bomba
Funk_B FunkSv_B Garner_B GeorgiaB GrBeat LatBalla ClassRck DanceShf
LatFsion LetItBe NewWageB Reggae_B Rhumba_B Salsa_4 DisFus_b Folk6_B
SambaSty Waltz_B #Bossa_1 SongBird #ChaCha1 #ChaCha2 FunkSh_B GrndBeat
Silhuete #FatBak2 AveMaria IJustCal #Rhumba1 16Ballad GrounBal HouseLit
CiaoCiao Dis_Cha Polka1K2 Polka2K2 Bossa1_S Rhumba1S HousCraz NYFunkSh
Rhumba2S Caribe_B OyeComV1 OyeComV2 DonnaSum Brezin_B Rap_1 Rap_2
Reggae16 RockRozz ShowTune ShufBl_B SlFunk_B Soul_VA YMCA_1_S GipsyQ1S
TheCapt2 SlowGosp WanBeMyS 16Beat2T Dance1_S Funk_B Funk1_K3 Jazz1_K3
JusWay_S LatPop1S SambaRk1 Dance51S Dance52S -------- -------- --------

Some styles are basic (recognize only Maj / Min Chords), and others are extended
(recognize 7th Chords,too).I intend to fix the basic styles as soom as possible.
I will also classify them as "B" or "E" .

How to get my styles

Since I'm always looking for new styles, I decided to use the "exchangeware way" . So,I'll send three styles for each new style received( please,don't send me styles from other pages,because I already have them all ! ) .


One Man Band: a complete tool for keyboard players.


Play Yamaha styles on any keyboard. Add a hard drive to your arranger keyboard. Convert midifiles to styles.

Jens Christensen SFF page

SFF Free Style logor

Very good site with some rules and tips about style creation .There are a lot of styles for exchanging.

Julijan Zavernik PSR-7000 page


This is the site of my big Slovenian Net friend Julijan Zavernik.You can find there some tools for style creation and also a lot of excellents styles for the PSR-7000 ( most of them play normaly on PSR-620).All these things are FREE!


Club PSR logo

My french netfriend's Club PSR site.Page dedicated to PSR 730 and other PSR stuffs .

PSR 730 Style Files

PSR 730

My netfriend from Peru Juan Carlos Mendoza PSR 730 style files site .

You can contact me for styles request and other subjects concerning Yamaha keyboards or XG pattern at want to know your opinion , too !
E-mail to Jaaf


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